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If you are unfortunate enough to have discovered a leak from your roof, the natural thing to do is to panic and automatically think a hefty bill is inevitable.

In the majority of cases, this is not the case! A simple, low-cost repair will sometimes suffice.


Don’t worry! Contact us today for a speedy resolution. Our staff are highly qualified, skilled roofing contractors who have in-depth knowledge and experience of all types of roofing repairs who will talk you through your options with minimum fuss.

We also provide a roof survey service so that you have a clear idea of what exactly the problem is so that action can be taken before the problem worsens. Maybe you are interested in purchasing a property and a roofing problem has been flagged up. We liaise with the estate agent and other parties to resolve the issue quickly.

    Domestic & Commercial Roofing Services We Offer:

    Roof Verge Repairs
    roof tile repairs- M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Roof Tile Replacements
    Gutter maintenance, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Gutter Maintenance
    gutter repairs, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Gutter Repairs
    eave renewal, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Eaves Renewal
    flat roof repairs- M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Flat Roof Repairs
    Commercial Roof Maintenance
    Commercial Roof Maintenance
    ridge tiles
    Ridge Tile Repairs
    Chimney Repairs, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
    Chimney Repairs
    Lead Repairs
    Lead Repairs

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    Our team will respond as fast as possible!

    It’s not going to repair itself! We always advise customers to react quickly as possible as the problem will worsen if left alone which could lead to a bigger job resulting in higher costings.

    Yes! If your roof is completely water-tight you will not lose heat from your home. Resulting in less energy wasted through your property. 

    In some cases, yes. If you notice roof damage after a storm has occurred (particularly severe winds.) Contact your insurance company. They normally have info of wind speeds in your area. If the speeds were above the threshold they normally pay up on receipt of a written quote by a local roofing contractor. 

    We are experienced in handling storm damage roofing claims. We can liaise with your insurance company as the claim gets processed. Contact us if you think your roof has been damaged by storms

    More info on insurance claims can be found here

    Yes. If your roof is beyond repair we will advise on a full roof replacement. We never pressure our clients. That’s why we always suggest a temporary solution (if possible) To keep out the elements until you’re in a position to carry out the new roof project. 

    We will even reduce the cost of the temporary roof repair from the roof replacement cost should you choose to opt with us. 

    Get in touch to solve your roofing issues today. Our helpful team will advise. Call 01782 954694 or fill out the form. 

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