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“Not only are Fascia and Guttering systems crucial in the performance of a roof – 

They also brighten up a new home whilst adding “kerb appeal.”

Why are fascias, soffits & guttering important?

Fascias and soffits act like a barrier to your home, protecting from rainwater, moisture, pests and cold.

Guttering is fixed to the fascia which transports rainwater away from your roof. It is vital that guttering is water-tight and free from blockages so water drains away quickly and efficiently. 

Add Value to Your Property. If you intend on selling your home, then improving the outside of your home is a worthwhile investment

Why Choose Us: 

Experience & Skill: Here at M Simpson & Sons, we continue to carry out many fascia and guttering installations across the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire areas and beyond. Ensuring we take great care and attention to detail so that your installation looks the best it can be and upgrade the look of your domestic or commercial property. 

Tailor-made Installations: We’ll talk you through your options, and advise on colour, style, and optional extras to give your installation even more functionality (see below).

Piece of Mind: We will provide a manufacturer warranty against colour-fade and gutter leaks. We also offer an annual maintenance session (gutter debris removal, fascia wipe-down, check for leaks) free of charge!

See our Work: We will provide a portfolio of past installations and client reviews. If you wish we can provide addresses of previous projects so you can visit and see for yourself. 

The most popular material of new fascia and guttering systems is UPVC (plastic): 

Low Maintanence

Just an annual gutter inspection and seasonal leave/moss removal needed. No more taking risks by painting existing fascias.

Long Lasting Colour

Up to 20 year guarantee against dis-colouring and fading. Optional wipe over recommended to preserve brightness.

Strong & Durable

Will not leak if installed properly and annually maintained. We provide a 5 year guarantee against gutter leaks.

More than ever there is now, currently a wider range of colours and styles of roofline systems to choose from:

Ogee guttering installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Ogee Profile
square profile guttering installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Square Profile
round profile guttering installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Round Profile
Deep flo guttering installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Deep Flo Profile (Ideal for larger properties)

Extensive Choice of Colours to Match Your Property:

Full Range of fascia & guttering installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Range of Roofline Colours (click to enlarge)

Optional Extras:

Gutter brush installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Gutter Brush
dry verge installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Servcices
Dry Verge Cappings
soffit lighting, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Soffit Lighting
Hanging Solar Lighting, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Hanging Solar Lighting
Rainwater harvesting systems M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Rainwater Harversting

There are two methods of installing fascia and guttering systems:

(1) Retro-Fit: This is where we install (or “cap over”) the existing timber with the UPVC soffit, fascia and guttering. The timber has to be in a good condition, free of rot or damp. If small sections of timber is rotten but retro-fit is your preference, we can replace with new timber then subsequently “cap over.” Allowing airflow to the timber is crucial, that’s why we install circular vents to the soffit to achieve this.

Retro fit fascia (BEFORE), M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Timber in good condition before retro-fit installation (click to enlarge)
retro fit installation (AFTER), M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Our completed retro-fit installation project (click to enlarge)
retro fit soffit vent installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Circular soffit vents to achieve airflow to timber behind installation

Benefits of a Retro-Fit Installation:

Due to less labour and materials used, a capping system is a guaranteed money-saver for the property owner. 

(2) Replacement/New Installation: 

This applies to new-build projects or where the existing timber fascias and soffits are removed to expose the rafters due to client preference or the timber is too rotten to cover.  A new, thicker fascia system is installed, fixed to the existing rafters. Usually, the bottom section of the existing roof has to be repaired for the roofline system to function. 

Full UPVC installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Rotten timber before full UPVC installation
Full UPVC roofline installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Our completed full replacement system
Full UPVC Installations, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Our completed rosewood full replacement fascia system

Benefits of a New/Replacement Installation:

Because all timber is removed there is no chance of timber collecting moisture in time by means of a leaking roof. Therefore it is a more permanent solution with minimum maintenance and worry.  

Gutter Repairs across Staffordshire :

gutter repairs, M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services

 Maybe you have an existing installation and you’ve noticed a leak due to a poor installation or deterioration. Or maybe you require gutter maintenance and inspection. Contact us today, or call 01782 954694 we will be happy to inspect the leak free of charge and carry out the work to ensure that your guttering system is water tight.

Get in touch today to find out which fascia and guttering  option suits you! Our helpful team will advise. Call 01782 954694 or fill out the form. 

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