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Chimney Repairs across Staffordshire and Cheshire

Not only is the chimney on your domestic or commercial property vital for ventilation. Where some properties are concerned it is a crucial component of the structure itself.

When our clients report a roof leak to us we always suspect the chimney stack. Due to constant exposure to severe weather which can gradually erode the brick joints, cappings and flashings. A leaking chimney can cause considerable damage within your property. 

That’s why it’s important to ensure your chimney is:

  • Well Maintained
  • Efficient
  • Water-tight
  • Safe & Secure

Chimney work across Staffordshire and Cheshire carried out by M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services. Call today 01782 954694

Common Chimney Problems Possible Causes Suggested Solution
VISIBLE DAMP TO INTERIOR CHIMNEY BREAST – Chimney mortar chase deteriorated – Grind out chimney chase and point with new mortar
– Leaking flashing – Install or repair existing lead flashing between roof and chimney
– Condensation due to lack of airflow – Installation of air brick if chimney stack is not in use
– Cracked or porous flaunching/crown – Replace or repair
EROSION, INSTABILITY OR SAFETY CONCERNS Lifespan and/or exposure to severe weather Re-build chimney stack or completely remove if not in use
VISIBLY CRACKED OR DAMAGED CHIMNEY POTS/FLUES Severe weather (e.g frost or high winds) Replace with new
BIRD/INSECT INGRESS Exposed flue or pot Installation of guard or cap then ventuilate if not in use
Chimney Repairs across Staffordshire and Cheshire- M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services
Cracked flaunching causing water ingress
Chimney Repairs - M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services- Call 01782 954964
New flaunching

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