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Luxury is defined by light and space.

Allowing natural light into your property by means of a roof window has many benefits. Most importantly, it makes us feel healthier, improving our mood and boosting our vitamin D intake.

We all want the best indoor climate in our homes and fresh air is key to making it possible.

Roof window installation - M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services


Increase the brightness of your home.

Add value to your property.

Increased ventilation

No Planning Permission

New build regulations state that all properties should have natural light. Campaigners are calling on the UK government to protect and expand minimum housing standards for space and natural light

Riba (Royal Institute of British Architects)

A-frame makeover:

Increase liveable space in your home- For a surprisingly low cost you can completely transform your dark, cold loft into a bright, fresh living or storage space. 

We take care of everything from preparing the exterior roof, to installing the roof windows and finally finishing off with plaster. 

We offer various options to suit all budgets and requirements. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

Retro Fit Roof Window:

Roof Windows- M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services.jpg

More light, less stress – We can install a roof window into your existing roof for a stress-free, cost-effective solution.

In most cases, installation of a small roof window can be completed in one day. This is why we are able to keep the cost down whilst ensuring your installation is carried out effectively. 

We offer various options to suit all budgets and requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Live-in Room/Loft Conversion:

"Number of homeowners carrying out home improvements rather than moving increases five-fold, study finds"

The Independant

UK homeowners are choosing to improve their current properties, rather than moving. It’s not just as simple as selling your house to pay for buying another. With hidden fees, estate agent bills etc it costs money to move. 

Make the most of the space you’ve always had with a loft conversion. Essentially you are adding an extra liveable floor to your property to be used as a:

– Office

– Guest Room

– Kid’s room or play room

– Fresh, bright room to relax. 

Let M Simpson & Sons take care of everything. From ensuring the roof is insulated and efficient as possible. To plaster work, and floor fitting. 

We offer various options to suit all budgets and requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Flat Roof Lights:

flat roof lights- M Simpson & Sons Roofing Services

Installing a roof light to your flat roof is a cost-effective & convenient way of letting light into your live-in room. We are flat roof specialists and can either install a flat roof dome to your existing flat roof system (if in good condition.) Or, incorporate a roof light installation alongside a full flat roof project. 

There are multiple sizes & designs available. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Sun Tunnel:

Sun Tunnel installations are perfect for home-owners who are on  a budget or haven’t the space for a full roof light installation. Ideal for:

 – Small rooms

– Cupboards 

– or even bathrooms

Multiple Sun Tunnels can be installed for lager room to create a contemporary look.

Contact us today to discuss this exciting new product.

Get in touch today to find out which Roof Light option suits you! Our helpful team will advise. Call 01782 954694 or fill out the form.

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